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For those women who occasionally desire to throw away their pricey gold jewellery, South Indian replica jewellery is perfect. This imitation jewellery has a similar appearance to jewellery made of gold but is manufactured of less expensive metals, making it a more cheap option.

From the fancy necklace and earrings sets to traditional South Indian haram sets to kundan rings to temple design jhumkas to chain jhumkas, you can find every possible collection in Imititation jewellery.  These types of jewelry pieces are widely available online at good prices. You can wear them with all your Indian outfits like pattu sarees, South Indian half saree, anarkali suits, lehenga etc.

When you need to travel to other cities to attend any wedding, carrying gold jewelry along with you can be a bit risky. For such events, Imititation jewellery is a great option as they give you kind of the same look like the gold ones and at the same time, it’s not even risky to carry these jewelry pieces.

A company called Lexus offers stunning Imitation jewellery from South India online. In addition to the styles listed above, you may get designs like the bird pattern haram set, peacock jhumkas, chand earrings, AD jewellery, tassel earrings, kundan pieces, lotus jhumkas, etc. here. Check out some counterfeit jewellery made in South India by this company:

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